Finance Factory, a nationwide provider of boutique small business financing solutions, has recently announced the launch of its automated credit review platform that quickly scrutinizes 27 data points to find out a borrower’s fundability. Apart from inquiries, credit mix, debt-to-income, and debt-to-credit calculations, the tool can also determine potential funding options for the qualified applicant.

Through this platform, Finance Factory can double the number of applicants it can process, thus increasing its efficiency. Thanks to this new update, the company is now paying its Finance Agent referral partners increased commissions of whooping 25%. Referral partners of Finance Factory can quickly generate substantial income by referring well-qualified individuals to Finance Factory for their business or personal financing requirements. 

Finance Factory offers a wide range of funding options, such as Business Express Loans, Merchant Cash Advance, SBA Loans, Startup Funding, Franchise Funding, Equipment Finance, and more. Being a boutique service provider, Finance Factory can navigate the majority of the paperwork and lender requirements for their customers. Complete training and customizable documents are accessible to all of their referral partners.

About Finance Factory

Founded in 2006, Finance Factory is a financial services company that offers its clients more than 50 years of combined business and personal finance expertise. Note that Finance Factory is not a loan provider and does not provide actual loans or any such advice. 

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