FormFree, a provider of revolutionary lending technologies, has recently unveiled a new visual identity that aligns with its mission of empowering consumers and lenders alike with a transparent view of borrower financial DNA. The rebranding incorporates inclusivity, which speaks to both customer and lender audiences about how its AccountChek® and Passport™ solutions lead to better financial decisions. 

FormFree’s patented technology not only verifies but also scrutinizes borrower financial DNA (direct-source asset, income, employment, identity, and public records data) to deliver a clear picture of a borrower’s capacity to pay (ATP) rather than relying on credit scoring alone. 

According to Sarah Crossley, director of marketing at FormFree, their company is bringing in a new era for lending, turning the current lender-driven verification model on its head, and equipping consumers with much-demanded transparency and control over their financial DNA. Thanks to the brand-new visual revamp and new website, FormFree will not showcase how a deeper understanding of Financial DNA makes way for enhanced credit decisioning and a more financially inclusive U.S. economy, Sarah concludes. 

About FormFree

Established in 2008, FormFree is a leading provider of lending technologies that are steadily setting new industry standards for safety and simplicity. Founded by Brant Chandler, a former Wall Street exec, FormFree’s AccountChek and Passport solutions are utilized by thousands of lenders and millions of consumers every year.  

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