James McKay, Principal and Founder at McKayResearch, an independent provider of market intelligence, analysis, and strategy services, announced the launch of a new YouTube channel. The channel aims to provide independent analysis on the latest developments in blockchain and its interaction with the world of investment and Industry 4.0 technology.

The McKayResearch channel will provide information, data, and insight across multiple themes in the sphere of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Which will incorporate their transformative investment performance and relationship with other disruptive technologies and their potential to bring about business model transformation through different forms of value exchange. Link to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd2eCt9BwZQnEf5J3PoyUMw.

McKay, on the channel’s launch, said that the turbo-charged nature of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets show the need for analysis on investment and macro level. It also illustrates the need for a foundational understanding of the potential of blockchain-based systems to create new value exchange systems through decentralized, consensus-driven governance and tokenization mechanisms.

The YouTube channel of McKayResearch will also feature regular guests who will share their opinions on the current and future path of technological investment trends. The channel will also encourage discussions on how the intersection of these markets has the strength to reorder both financial and human capital for the better. 

James McKay, an independent research consultant in the domains of technology and investment has expertise in the design and end-to-end implementation of custom research projects. He has served 12 years as Principal and Founder of McKayResearch, providing strategic research services to the world’s leading market intelligence organizations and a private clients’ portfolio that incorporates legal consultancies and investment firms. James’ research instruments and analyses have been widely published by various technology and business publications, including the Financial Times.

About McKayResearch

McKayResearch is an independent market intelligence company providing data-driven content solutions, helping drive brand and executive decision-making power for a growing international client portfolio. The company specializes in providing critical insights, data, analysis, and opinions synthesized into content that will provide that essential bird’s-eye view to understand the significant factors affecting your industry.

To know more, visit: https://www.mckayresearch.com

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