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Fountain, the company’s high-volume recruitment platform, has introduced a multi-cloud and single sign-on (SSO) service that helps business employers connect, run, and protect any app in their acquisition stack. SSO optimizes user experience and increases productivity while multi-cloud service providers provide redundancy and choice to reduce risk to IT and security managers. All features will increase robust security and flexibility to enable companies to achieve resilient performance and global coverage in their virtual cloud infrastructure.

Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain, said that SSO and multi-cloud provide a high-quality solution to protect their clients’ data, enabling IT and security professionals to meet several business requirements for developing and managing applications and infrastructure.

Fountain’s vision is for employers who hire on a scale to ease the recruitment process and make the experience of the candidates easier. A few weeks ago, Fountain developed a set of features to meet VR needs with synchronous video interviews, summary parsing, universal view of applicants, career sites, and chatbots. In combination with these latest additions to the Fountain Platform, it is the best company-wide high-volume hire solution and can help employers recruit their remote employees.

About Fountain

The fountain is the largest recruitment platform that enables the world’s leading brands to enhance and expand their recruitment functions. This first mobile platform maintains applicants and reduces drop-out through integrated automated programming, text, and email records. Candidates can apply from their phones at anytime, anywhere in minutes. It enables employers to move qualitative talent across the pipeline to reduce filling time.

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