TERRA the leading network Certified Recyclers in North America announces that Friendly Earth International has joined the TERRA’s Done with IT program to provide certified recycling services to those adversely affected by coronavirus outbreak. Friendly Earth International is an e-Stewards accredited facility that offers electronics recycling for Seattle and the greater King County area. 

Done with IT from TERRA is a simple, reliable and feasible electronics reuse and recycling program that serves the entire continental US and Canada. This program offers mail-in and business services that assist in the annihilation of toxic electronic waste (e-waste) that pollute the air, land and water by redirecting such used electronics to the care of e-Stewards and R2 Certified Recyclers.

Steven Napoli, President & CEO of TERRA, said that while the electronics recycling industry has been attributed as essential, most e-waste recycling programs have been put on hold. He further added that Done with IT provides e-waste management and ITAD services for both businesses and consumers from the country’s best recyclers without the need for physical contact. He also stated that TERRA and Done with IT are actively seeking more certified recycling partners like Friendly Earth. 

The execution in Done With IT program is safe as the utilized electronics products are moved using ground transportation. The movement for delivery on an average takes 2-8 days. This duration is a sufficient time to neutralize the potential contamination in the area used for the discarded electronics. Furthermore, TERRA’s network of secure facilities take utmost care and isolate recycling boxes until the specified time following the industry best practices.

Andrew Shute, President of Friendly Earth, said that protecting the environment and serving every client and community is their top priority. He further added that sponsoring the Done with IT program allows them to expand their e-waste recycling options during the crisis and beyond.

Every region in city or state can extend this e-waste recycling program to their residents through the Done with IT “Community Member” program. Similarly with Sustainer Member” program businesses can connect with TERRA’s certified network and transfer discounts to their employees.

TERRA & Done with IT

TERRA is committed to redirecting used electronics to the care of Certified Recyclers to maximize reuse and the recycling of natural resources.

For more information visit :  http://www.jointerra.org

Friendly Earth International

Friendly Earth International Inc. is a certified electronic recycling company which is located in the heart of Seattle, Washington. The mission as an electronics recycler is to reduce the effects of electronic waste on the environment by being committed to seeking alternate ways to recycle, refurbish and reuse electronics intended for disposal.

For more information visit : http://www.friendlyearth.org

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