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Fulcrum recently announced a robust new AI-based, privacy-protecting functionality within the no-code mobile application that automatically identifies items in images that mobile workers capture in the field. In addition to utilizing physical asset data to maximize workflows and progress monitoring, customers can set Fulcrum to distort any face images it detects using graphical blurring.

Fulcrum allows mobile employees to take pictures documenting security, performance, climate, and other procedures. Fulcrum allows new flows of information premised on objects in the workplace environment using AI, which automatically identifies objects in those photographs.

In certain situations, Fulcrum’s photographic data fulfills the personally identifiable information (PII) description under privacy regulations such as the GDPR and CCPA. From a data privacy perspective, photographic data can be one of the most difficult to monitor. Photos are not meant to capture PII. However, a face could be used to define a particular individual in a picture and is thus regarded PII as characterized by most global regulations on security.

By implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize and blur faces in images captured by investigators, surveyors, and councilors who collect data using the Fulcrum platform, Fulcrum removes this issue.

Fulcrum allows organizations to instantly screen pictures for faces and blurs them without manual work, unlike manual de-identification processes, which involve qualified labor to identify faces separately and blur them out using tools. This surveillance occurs on the mobile phone where the evaluation or other data analysis occurs, guaranteeing no transmission of unblurred faces to the cloud or archived on a server.

The AI-based face-blurring functionality of Fulcrum is vital for us to do business in the international market, as per Kristin Carrington, CEO of Carrington Risk, a high-level property risk assessment supplier and risk management consulting software and service. Fulcrum’s solution sets up more growth opportunities and guarantees increased performance, with data protection laws becoming much stricter and an elevated risk of human inaccuracy when analyzing pictures by hand. They look forward to using the extended AI-based functionality of Fulcrum for image analysis.

These comprehensive abilities guarantee that, even in areas with strict privacy rules, such as the European Union and the state of California, Fulcrum customers comply with privacy regulations. In some instances, if they were restricted to manual methods, they would bid for work that would be out of reach.

Fulcrum CEO Jim Grady asserts that their new Fulcrum facial blurring functionality is a perfect example of integrating AI into imagery to resolve substantial market demand for greater productivity and efficiency. Our intelligent software allows users to spend very little time on manual labor screening and visual tasks for better assessments, higher quality data collection, and more advanced insights to focus on their unique value.

About Fulcrum

By improving the way our customers perform mobile business processes, Fulcrum’s vision is to minimize the time, cost, and risk associated with data compilation, workflow automation, and analytics. Our SaaS platform enables non-developers to develop and maintain apps without code quickly, in minutes rather than days. The outcome is robust consumer time to value, high-fidelity data collection and analysis, and a data-driven method for mobile teams to analyze automation and productivity optimization. To maintain safety and quality, protect property and secure assets, stay compliant, keep new infrastructure projects on time and maintain and improve existing infrastructure, our clients rely on Fulcrum.

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