General Internet, a leading name as Big Data specialist and the “networked enterprise” has announced the launch Marketfire.  It is a real-time financial management and reporting solution which is dedicated to the e-merchants in the marketplaces and the companies in the e-commerce sector. The real-time reporting and data visualization capabilities, enable Marketfire to simplify the daily lives of e-merchants by providing better business management, with improved performance and increased revenue.

With Marketfire, merchants who are on major e-commerce platforms can get access to reports and dashboards in real time. The APIs developed by the General Internet help Marketfire to connect to the data sources from the leading market platforms with the identification number of the e-merchants. After providing this information, all the performance, management, and monitoring indicators will be available as clear data visualization. This data, translated into tables, suggests the most relevant performance. Primarily because it can identify the signs, understand the figures, decipher the trends, and support to make the right decisions fast. The tool can classify products by market or building a high-performance catalog in just a few moments. Apart from helping in optimizing online sales performance, e-merchants can also improve their internal management by reducing the time of low valued tasks.

Marketfire helps the online seller to identify and classify the products according to the turnover generated, and margins indicated. The tool comes up with its solution to allow each seller to comply with the tax authorities of the countries, and to calculate and declare the VAT generated by their sales automatically. The solution enables the sharing of certified and consolidated financial data with the banks as well as with the company’s investors and partners. It allows the identification and daily follow-up of the unpaid orders for a clear understanding and visibility of the distribution of expenses, future revenue, and the costs incurred by the company.

Marketfire’s unique tracking and performance indicators allow e-merchants to benefit from consolidated and certified figures, via certificate declarations from major e-commerce platforms. It helps them to obtain more advantageous financing conditions (5% on average for loans) and finance their stocks and orders at rates from 0.85% to 1.35%/month

Marketfire, by General Internet, combines performance and flexibility. The solution is available for €100 per month, with no obligation.

About General Internet

General Internet creates, and operates technology platforms for networked business and data-driven information systems. Scaling on the most innovative Big Data, finance and e-commerce solutions, General Internet is inventing new tools to grow the revenues of companies in the e-commerce and online distribution sectors. By investing in the growth of its customers, GI also encourages its future partners to share their benefits, through the Fair Business Innovation Foundation, to promote a system in which the growth of business and society are closely intertwined. General Internet is based in Cupertino, California, and Paris. France.

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 3, 2020

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