Google has recently hired Fiona Cicconi, a top executive from pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to supervise its personnel policies. Cicconi is all set to replace Eileen Naughton, who decided to step down amid mounting worker tensions and protests. Fiona’s appointment also aligns with Google’s plans to let people continue work from home for eight more months and further adopt a “flexible workweek” model. 

Commenting on the new hire, Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google, stated that COVID-19 has made drastic changes to their work. At Google, they understand that the role of people operations is central to the work, and in 2021, this would be the company’s top priority, Pichai concluded.  

In the role, Cicconi is set to face the mammoth challenge of ensuring personal productivity as Google extends the work-from-home period for its employees following multiple protests by the workforce. Google has recently also faced worker tensions amid the abrupt firing of AI scholar Timnit Gebru. Pichai confirmed last week that Google is reviewing Gebru’s exit. 

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