Raxium, a five-year-old business focusing on producing microLED displays for AR and VR applications, has reportedly been acquired by Google. The terms of the acquisition are undisclosed, but according to a report from The Information, Google valued Raxium at $1 billion.

MicroLED is similar to OLED in that it does not have a backlight and instead emits light from each pixel. North, a pioneer in human-computer interfaces and smart eyewear, was bought two years ago, and the company has created a strong technological foundation.

After failing to impress with the consumer edition of their $1500 Glass, Google released the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which features a better camera, USB-C type interface, and safety frames.

In 2014, the first Google Glass was introduced with tremendous fanfare. It promised a new, vibrant era for information at $1,500.

On the other hand, people recognized that the device was not yet ready to become a part of their daily life. There were concerns about safety and health. The built-in camera also raised privacy and piracy concerns.

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