GreatHorn, the only cloud-native email security platform, announced the most substantial and comprehensive update to its company platform on August 11, 2020. With assistance to an increased intelligent phishing detection and response capability, the revitalized solution now offers more expansive visibility over the entire email security stack.

The GreatHorn email security platform incorporates integration with security awareness training comprising the leading cybersecurity and corporate compliance provider, Inspired eLearning, which specializes in creating some of the most effective and realistic phishing simulation tools in presence. A customized policy action involving improved end-users’ risk profiles, integrated email security, and training will ensure protection to organizations from threats thoroughly. 

The CEO of Inspired eLearning, Kyle Metcalf, asserted that today’s service providers are foreseeing easier options for their end-users to educate and empower them to enhance as a powerful defense line for a company while facing a cyber threat. He further added that with this partnership, security will upgrade to an additional layer which will eventually encourage them to continue their mission of keeping customers’ Security First.

The new update to GreatHorn’s platform also includes integration with DMARC, comprising the leading DMARC provider, dmarcian, that enables domain owners to secure their email domain. With the addition of the DMARC protocol to the GreatHorn email security platform, organizations intensify their email security, with protection to their domain(s) from unauthorized usage to combat phishing, spoofing, CEO fraud, and business email compromise.

The CEO of dmarcian, Tim Draegen said that the partnership with GreatHorn ensures safe and secure email standards using DMARC. He further mentioned that GreatHorn’s new platform enables businesses with the necessary tools in hand to protect their corporate emails from external domain spoofs, impersonations, and also business email compromise threats.

The demand for Threat detection and remediation is record high. A recent survey by GreatHorn reported that email-based attacks have risen by 165% compared to 2019. This data confirms that a third of IT professionals need to remediate an email-based attack each day. Besides this issue and the progressively insidious nature of emerging email security threats, GreatHorn has extended its functionalities by placing email security as a key component within a multi-layered email security stack. Along with account takeover and community threat protection, the exhaustive risk mitigation platform also comprises an Integration Layer, with extended capabilities that improve detection, incident response, and reporting.

A newly released, holistic framework by GreatHorn provides the highest security over risk-based factors beyond the native cloud email platform’s scope to include new components of security awareness and DMARC capabilities. In contrast, traditional email security vendors are siloed into standalone protection. Users can drastically reduce both Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD) threats with the need for further analysis and response and Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR) to eventually remediate organizational risks, with these 360_degree insights.

Kevin O’Brien, CEO and Co-Founder of GreatHorn stated that this time is fascinating and transformative for GreatHorn. He further added that their functional approach to produce and supply the most extensive and fact-based analysis enables organizations to get all the necessary information to identify and remediate the extremely complex and cunning threats attacking their end-users.

About GreatHorn

GreatHorn provides security to cloud email from advanced threats such as impersonations, credential theft, social engineering attacks, and malware by providing throughout email protection to organizations. GreatHorn relieves security teams from time-consuming email security management, allowing them to respond to genuine threats faster through its proactive threat detection engine, end-user education, and robust remediation capabilities.

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