GroupM, the world-leading media investment enterprise, has recently announced the appointment of Adam Gerhart as Mindshare Global CEO. Starting his reign from January 2021, Gerhart is all set to bring to the table his global experience working with multinational brands, which includes a profound understanding of what goes into building innovative partnership models, and how to solve business challenges leveraging media. Gerhart, who will lead GroupM’s Global Leadership Team (GLT), also maintains his Mindshare U.S. CEO role until a successor comes along. 

As Global CEO, Gerhart’s role includes, but is not limited to, devising strategies and implementing operations of the world-renowned global agency network and the professional development of the agency’s 10,000 clients. Gerhart’s firm belief in the media as a business driver for brands helps him plan growth and create strategies. The vision he holds carries forward the idea of data and insights paving the way for product development, sales, and marketing. 

Mindshare welcomed Gerhart in 2003, and he quickly rose to the ranks, becoming U.S. CEO in 2016. Over time, he has contributed to building the company’s client portfolio. Early in Mindshare’s tenure, he was a founding member of Mindshare’s U.S. Communications Planning Group, a team committed to bringing multi-disciplinary thinking to customer’s communication requirements. As the CEO of Mindshare, Adam has super head media innovations in neuroscience, investment, voice commerce, and many more.

Adam Gerhart, Global CEO, Mindshare, expressed his delight in joining the new position by stating that one of the greatest strengths of Mindshare has been its robust global network, and the new opportunity to head this incredible group of people has filled him with pride. Gerhart elaborated that their team is continuously working towards helping brands get past their challenges. He concluded that they would continue to do so in many innovative ways and positively impact the world.

Throughout his time in Mindshare, Gerhart has traveled to 56 countries worldwide on behalf of customers and has been a driving force in the global Mindshare culture of speed, teamwork, and provocation. He has been an imminent member of The International Advertising Association. Gerhart was also acknowledged as one of The Internationalist’s 2016 Agency Innovators for his forward-thinking global achievements.

About GroupM

GroupM is one of the world’s foremost media investment companies, responsible for over $63 billion in annual media investment via agencies. By harnessing all the benefits of scale, the agency innovates, reforms, and generates sustained value for its clients. 

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About Mindshare

Founded in 1997, Mindshare is a global media and marketing agency dedicated to helping their customers grow their business. Headquartered in New York, the company is a part of GroupM, which leads the media management sector for the world-leading communications services group – WPP. 

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