The Free Internet Plugin has been released in the Chrome Store by HackerNoon, the company behind the technology publishing site with 15k+ writers and 3M+ monthly readers. This browser extension hides paywalled content in search results generated by Google.

The app description goes like this, “If you don’t want to pay for the post, the headline shouldn’t be an option.” Paywalls’ business model annoys the users a hundred times with a bait-and-switch commercial, then convert and pay every month until they die—hampered the internet’s potential to be a free and open experience.

If a user does not want to deal with a paywall, Hacker Noon claims that paywalled content should be filtered out of search results and newsfeeds. This plugin filters out pages that are considered to be paywalled from your Google search results.

The Hacker Noon GitHub account has open-sourced the Free Internet Plugin under the MIT License. It is looking for more open source contributors to help delete paywalled sites from social media newsfeeds and other search engines. This open-source project could take a variety of paths in the direction of open-sourcing the internet.

Founder and CEO of HackerNoon David Smooke believe that there is more free content available on the internet than ever before for the curious mind. As internet users, we encounter paywalls more often than ever before. Smooke hopes that by using The Free Internet Plugin, users will select what kind of content is supported and what is not supported in their search results.

About the Free Internet Plugin

The Free Internet Plugin removes paywalls from search results that you know. It’s available on HackerNoon’s Github. A better Internet is secure. 

About Hackernoon

HackerNoon is a reading, writing, and publishing platform for technologists. It is a global group of 15k+ contributing writers who publish stories and expertise for 3M+ monthly readers who are curious and informative. David Smooke and Linh Dao Smooke started HackerNoon in 2016 as an independent technology publishing site.

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