Haru, a global cryptocurrency depository service provider, last month launched its digital asset investment platform. It had expanded successfully in the last 12 months, which includes a massive surge in number of new users, along with a lot of new business partnerships, and a remarkable amount in traded digital assets.

Haru X is maintained by global asset management partners who work under rigid selection criteria. It is the first-ever crypto fund to assign investors assets into a system with low to medium risk strategies. This enables them to generate more profit while the risk remains minimum.

Due to its smart strategy, Haru X provides a service with a performance fee of only 1.8% and a zero-management fee. The customers pay only if they gain an annual return of a minimum of 10% from their investment. It aims a 25% APR using bitcoin in its two-fold quantitative trading strategies, including market-making and a ‘pricing & settlement’ mechanism for future markets. For these strategies, Haru can assure its users more secure service and high returns on their investment regardless of the market uncertainty and the cons of the lending-deposit model. They would also be benefitted from updates on the progress and reports of the portfolio available on their website.

With numerous crypto funds and offices globally, the crypto hedge fund market has grown rapidly since 2018. As per the Crypto Fund Index, Q2 2020 witnessed crypto funds to outdo Bitcoin. Despite its remarkable growth, crypto funds are still a recent and increasingly popular market. Yet, the pace of the new crypto fund slowed down in the initial two quarters of 2020. The CFR Crypto Fund Index analyzed the return of approximately 70 actively managed crypto funds and revealed the return of 24.88% on investment in Q2, 2020. Despite this solid return, a pattern of shrinking growth followed with an increase in the average management fee.

Instead of liquidating a potentially profitable investment, crypto users take advantage of simple, quick solutions for short-term loans, utilizing their portfolio as collateral. Yet some drawbacks to this solution remain. Crypto lending platforms frequently need investors to invest crypto to a higher value than the original loan so that the platforms can hedge the risk of price volatility.

Haru targets to be accessible to all types of cryptocurrency users. Unlike most of the crypto hedge fundsHaru is readily available to public investors. This enables no minimum investment in the asset management platform. It provides an impressive cut in the fees, better ease of use, easy access, and the continuing depletion of new crypto hedge funds and their investment returns. 

About Haru

Haru promises its investors a stable, fresh, more evolved alternative to the traditional lending-deposit model in the rigid crypto hedge fund competitors. When the users deposit their funds, they get access to financial loans with a smart asset management process. With helping hands like Block Crafters, it comes with least risk investment diversification strategies, such as quantitative and arbitrage trading. Haru can now provide crypto users a minimal fee structure, various account options, and exciting new accounts offering a high-interest investment.

For more information, visit: https://haruinvest.com

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