Given the rise in the price and popularity of cryptocurrencies, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become a practical, and thus favoured, way of fund-raising. However, before the launch, business logic must be integrated into the infrastructure. This necessitates extensive knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development company, will provide complete ICO solutions to a reputable UAE-based ‘Food and Beverage’ company. The funds generated from the ICO would be utilized to extend the company’s current operations by allowing for the low-cost acquisition of formerly successful food enterprises that are now failing due to the epidemic.

This attempt should be successful in reviving failing enterprises and rehiring staff.

The worth of the burgeoning enterprise would back the utility currency in this fashion. The coins would be available in various schemes to cater to the religious needs of Middle Eastern investors. The project’s marketing team, led by CEO Raj Chowdhury, is already doing thorough market research, the results of which should be published as a white paper.

Raj Chowdhury, the company’s founder and CEO, remarked that HashCash has developed a niche for itself early on and is now a popular name in the blockchain and crypto space. With its unique set of problems, this project will further strengthen the portfolio.

He added that Crypto is evolving at a breakneck speed. Technology has benefited a vast number of industries, and new advancements are being introduced every day. This initiative results from similar brainstorming, and they hope to collaborate on more such ventures in the future. Projects Sustain, as an organization that promotes the use of blockchain technology and concepts such as tokenization.

About HashCash

HashCash is a multinational software firm. For remittances, trade finance, payment processing, and more, HashCash Blockchain tools enable businesses to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time. HashCash operates PayBito, a US-based digital asset exchange, and BillBitcoins, a digital asset payment processor. HashCash provides software solutions for crypto exchanges and payment processors, as well as ICO services.

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