HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development firm, proposes activating the Digital Identity feature on blockchain to help with COVID vaccination supply chain identification and traceability.

Multiple concerns of fraud, counterfeiting, and unlawful vaccine drives have appeared in numerous instances since the debut of the COVID vaccine. This work is aimed at smoothing out the system’s still-present flaws.

HashCash’s Blockchain Digital Identity (DI) digitally authenticates personnel and hence authorizes access rights. This helps to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to specific vaccine containers. This also helps establish a vaccine distribution hierarchy, with authorized personnel in charge of distributing doses to localities.

According to HashCash Chief and Blockchain pioneer Raj Chowdhury, the blockchain Digital Identity disciplines a whole supply chain of COVID vaccines, where rigorously specified personnel may be authorized to distribute a set number of vials across residential blocks.

It is essential to maintain a hierarchy in distribution channels to ensure an ordered vaccine distribution and reduce chaos and panic. The system might be improved to give vaccines in a prioritized manner depending on demographic statistics from a particular region.

HashCash has also created Health Passports to keep a national record of residents’ health and vaccinations from birth to death. The goal was to transform the healthcare sectors of underdeveloped countries.

The HashCash product is designed to improve the efficiency of a region’s vaccine distribution mechanism.

About HashCash

HashCash is a multinational software firm. For remittances, trade finance, payment processing, and more, HashCash Blockchain tools enable businesses to move assets and settle payments across borders in real-time. HashCash operates PayBito, a US-based digital asset exchange, and BillBitcoins, a digital asset payment processor.

HashCash promotes technological advancement through its Blockchain1o1 programs and Satoshi Angels, its investment arm. It provides AI, Big Data, and IoT solutions through its platforms. HashCash helps clients throughout the world overcome their most difficulties by implementing cutting-edge digital transformation solutions.

For more information, visit https://www.hashcashconsultants.com

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