HashCash Consultants, an international blockchain development firm and a strong advocate of blockchain technology throughout industries, introduces a blockchain solution to some of the challenges energy sales applications encounter. HashCash proposes a blockchain architecture with AI mechanisms that can read and draw energy consumption structures in energy sales applications.

Essentially, energy sales on a blockchain network could work similarly to cryptocurrency-based financial exchanges on the network. The artificial intelligence component maps the different customer sectors’ energy deficits to particular channels to produce electricity.

Blockchain in energy follows the same fundamental designs as blockchain in financial services. The variation is that the product, in this case, electricity, must also be considered, says Raj Chowdhury, CEO of HashCash and a blockchain pioneer. In addition, the exchanges in these cases entail exchanging ideas and data and distributing electricity over-committed network infrastructure following the AI component’s route.

The HashCash model’s solution aims to optimize energy production by evaluating the required volume using AI mechanisms. HashCash, as a proponent of industry-wide blockchain adoption, offers a variety of alternatives to global issues. HashCash has earlier theorized Vaccine passports, tokenized Eco gold, and several other solutions to operational problems. To confront related problems, the energy optimization model can be expanded in various ways. This framework, on the other hand, concentrates on energy manufacture and supply that is optimized.

About HashCash

HashCash is a multinational software firm. HashCash encourages technological advancement through its Blockchain1o1 programs and Satoshi Angels, which is its investment wing. It facilitates AI, Big Data, and IoT solutions and helps clients worldwide overcome their most difficulties by implementing cutting-edge digital transformation solutions. HashCash operates PayBito, a US-based digital asset exchange, and BillBitcoins, a digital asset payment processor.

For more information, visit https://www.hashcashconsultants.com

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