HR Answerbox, a boutique consulting firm based in Frederick County, Maryland, has added a new service offering. The Fix My Culture VIP Day is the first of its kind, giving small business owners, executives, and leaders a devoted and concentrated day to work on improving their company’s culture.

Amanda Haddaway, Managing Director of HR Answerbox said that, they saw an opportunity to address big and significant workplace problems without dragging them out for weeks or months. Leaders in today’s fast-paced business world demand results, and they want them soon. Their VIP experiences take care of that issue.

Fix My Culture VIP Days has been designed so that participants can work on their overall workplace culture through a high-level, thorough audit or focus on a few key areas. Haddaway said that, Clients might be having a problem with retention and wish to focus their efforts on that issue. During the VIP day, they would explore the fundamental causes of employee turnover and devise a strategy to solve the problem in the future.

HR Answerbox has been a leader in HR consulting, training, and coaching for specific years and is no stranger to workplace culture. They believe that the VIP model is a game-changer since clients can accomplish much more in this format than they could if they worked for a few hours over a long period.

Each VIP day received a personalized Fix My Culture Guide with action plans and suggested adjustments for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

About HR Answerbox

HR Answerbox provides HR consulting and corporate training services to small businesses and start-ups in for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations throughout Maryland and Virginia.

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