Hyland, a leading global company, transforming the customer experience by leveraging the full potential of the content they deliver to numerous organizations, announced the release of Content Composer Foundation EP2 and Onbase Foundation Enhancement Pack 4 EP4, delivering on its current strategies to impart secured, latest content which is rich in features. The recent set of releases enhance the user experience, empower mobile and secluded workforces that would help their customers extract additional value from the improved platform. 

According to the Chief Product Officer of Hyland, John Phelan, the latest improvements, which were driven by numerous inputs from the customers, expand their capabilities on intelligent data capture, smoothen management of customer communications and strengthen configurability of solutions. These releases helped to build on their dedication to improving the user experience and supporting organizations further in their digital transformation journeys by supplying for the ongoing business needs for increased remote work and agility.

Noteworthy enhancements on Onbase Foundation EP4 are mentioned below:

1. Enhanced User Experience-The new enhancements and new configuration abilities by Hyland across its Onbase Platform expand the ability to view notes, prepare annotations, interact with documents, easily allow the administrators to be secured and authenticated virtual meetings with new external functionality. The addition of new languages makes several products accessible to Hyland’s global customers. 

2. Upgraded mobile facilities-The modernized Hyland’s next-generation Onbase Mobile offering not only equips the organizations to efficiently scale mobile across their workforce but also provides improved access to customers and enables traveling and remote workforce with support for both iOS and Android.

3. Improvement in the upgrade process-Hyland keeps enhancing the upgrade method to provide the best and most efficient automated experiences. A new feature in Onbase Foundation EP4 enables customers to update their database in seconds.

4. Advanced APIs-To add to Hyland’s obligation to an open architecture, a boost in document management APIs make it simpler to blend solutions with core and extended applications.

Improvements in Content Composer Foundation EP2 include, a more streamlined user experience, along with tighter integration of Hyland with other third-party solutions, are deployed through Single-sign-on SSO for both cloud and on-premises.

About Hyland

Hyland is a leading global company transforming the customer experience by leveraging the full potential of the content they deliver to numerous organizations. They focus on doing their best and providing the best experiences to the people they serve.

For further information, visit: https://www.hyland.com

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