At the Think Digital IBM conference, the launch of the Open P-TECH was broadcast. It is a free digital education platform focused on workplace learning and digital skills. The platform, built on the industry-leading P-TECH program, equips 14-20-year-old learners and educators with core technology skills. Training in automation such as AI, cloud computing and cybersecurity, along with professional skills such as Design Thinking, which are highly valued on the market, set open P-TECH apart. It provides content in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

According to Ginni Rometty, IBM’s Executive Chairman, the pandemic speeds up digital modification. New ways of schooling must keep pace if we are to arm all young people with skills relevant to the digital age and marketplace. Though she feels on the one hand, this is a massive challenge. It presents a great opportunity to prepare people better for new-collar careers. 

Open P-TECH is a free platform invented to give everyone in the world with relevant job skills so that they can be triumphant in this digital age. The P-TECH (Pathways to Technology Early College High School) model was first launched by IBM in 2011 and has been adopted in 220 schools across 24 countries with more than 150,000 students and 600 corporate partners. Open P-TECH will bring the components of the P-TECH model to 250,000 additional students in these countries, many of whom would otherwise have no access to innovative digital learning.

It will make the elements of P-TECH available to students and teachers, including courses on emerging technologies and professional skills, both of which lead to free digital badges that students can share on their online curriculam.
Initially launched across Australia, Brazil, United States, and India, it will bring components of the P-TECH model to 250,000 additional students in these countries. In Brazil, for example, Bradesco will deploy Open P-TECH to more than 9,000 high school students, making the program available to those most in need. Free platforms for workplace learning and skills will be offered in English, Portuguese and Spanish with time. Open P-TECH is now available to students and teachers worldwide. 

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About IBM Think Digital

At ‘Think Digital 2020’, IBM will consider the state of business and the part that critical technologies such as AI and Cloud play in the wake of COVID-19.

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