Imageware, a leader and pioneer in biometric identification and authentication, has announced the launch of the first biometrically enabled solution in the Self Sovereign Identity market. 


With hacking, ransomware, and other cybersecurity concerns on the rise, SSI will become the go-to solution for protecting and controlling identities. Adding biometric protection to the identity blockchain adds the final layer of security that people need to know their information is safe in their digital wallets and only accessible by them. Blockchain technology offers a wide range of applications, including currency and supply chain management. They believe that Blockchain will be as significant as the internet and cloud computing in terms of identity. It will enable users to control their personal information and distribute credentials as needed. Removing credentials storage, which has turned into a honeypot for hackers, is a decisive move. Companies that possess the IDs are less liable as a result.


As it emerges from standards bodies and becomes commercialized, SSI was born out of the Department of Homeland Security and will be the wave of the future. Individual identity holders can fully manage their verified credentials without needing a mediator or centralized identity provider, providing them complete control over how their personal information is shared and used. Recently, digital identities have become rooted in accounts that a third party manages. Due to a single point of failure inside each system, users are at an increased risk of taking their personal information.


Companies can safeguard and verify a person’s identity in everyday situations, such as banking, healthcare, travel, entertainment, government, and more, by implementing biometrics into SSI. Imageware has joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation (“DIF”) and the Trust Over IP Foundation, two leading standards organizations for decentralized identity, as part of an overall effort to accelerate current initiatives and expand applications surrounding the development SSI-based biometric solutions.


President and CEO Kristin Taylor said that, they believe that identity management is the most pressing necessity on the Blockchain because of the large number of centralized data repositories that compromised daily. Electronically authorizing what information, you want to pass over to an organization, such as your medical history to a doctor, your age at a bar, your name and address at the airport, etc., will be much safer and more efficient. They can ensure that control over their private data by adding biometric authentication to their Blockchain identity. They’re focused on developing creative solutions that solve this currently unmet demand and produce income for Imageware.


Individual safety and privacy concerns are becoming more prevalent in their daily lives, so better, more decentralized methods of granting individual’s autonomy over their identities are essential.  They’ll be able to harness their network and resources in their attempts to establish a portfolio of SSI integrated biometric solutions by joining the Decentralized Identity Foundation and Trust Over IP groups.


About Imageware

Imageware identifies, verifies, and authenticates people as individuals, not just the keys and codes they possess. Their Cloud-based, multimodal biometric solutions enable faster and more accurate identification, improving the security of communities, data, and assets. Government agencies, law enforcement, and private businesses around the world rely on Imageware solutions.  

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