iMobie Inc., a software development organization with a decade of experience in data transfer, proudly launched AppTrans – the world’s first free solution for data app transfer. The purpose of the application is mainly for transferring apps and app data, including WhatsApp chats, between iPhones and Android phones of all brands. Apart from that, AppTrans allows backing up, restoring, exporting, and installing apps with app data as simple as one press.

Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie, explained how they understand the importance of apps are in daily life and how they discovered there is no program to help users migrate frequently used apps and app data to new phones.

Highlight Feature of AppTrans:

App Transfer and App Data Transfer from device to device:

AppTrans transfers software and data directly between handsets, from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 12 or a Motorola to a Samsung. It also allows users to choose what they want to transfer: all apps or just a few, apps and data, or just the data. It can also combine WhatsApp chats from two phones or even two accounts. As a result, users still have access to their entire chat history.

Backup for App Data:

AppTrans also assists in the recovery of apps to avoid data loss. Users can choose what to back up, whether it’s a full backup of all apps with data, selecting essential apps, or only app data, such as WhatsApp chats.

IPA and APK file installation in one click:

If the applications are not available in the app store, AppTrans will install IPA, APK, or XAPK files on the phone with a single click. It could also move software from iOS and Android devices to a computer. As a result, users can quickly move them to other phones or tablets. If they don’t like the new update, they may go back to the previous edition.

About iMobie

iMobie Inc. is committed to making digital life easier for all around the world. For more than nine years, the company has supported millions of people in transferring mobile data, retrieving lost-but-valuable content, and regaining access to their dead or locked smartphones. They have been listed on hundreds of tech blogs, which complement their efforts and encouragement to keep going.

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