Infoglen, a Silicon Valley-based advanced Salesforce partner, has revealed the development and deployment of an in-house Talent Acquisition (TA) tool, which ultimately led to a 5x increase in interviews and a 4x boost in onboarding.

The TA tool, which Infoglen created to improve the efficiency of its hiring process, has greatly simplified hiring, monitoring, and conducting interviews while also reducing the onboarding timeframe, making it fully geared to stay ahead of the game for any business. With automated evaluation forms and interview guidance, scheduling interviews and collecting feedback has never been simpler or faster. Additionally, the tool uses a keyword-based search to make candidate resume recovery more manageable, and it sends email alerts to candidates to collect data during the hiring process. Hiring teams, panels, and leadership now have a 360-degree view of all open deals, interview feedback, new hires, and shortlisted applicants, saving considerable time and effort.

With the TA tool, all implicated teams can now view every detail of the hiring process in one place, which has led to improved coordination and synergy of each TA agent, stated Sharaf Hoda, Head of Talent Acquisition (TA) at Infoglen. They are improving this tool by automating upcoming operations and adding new features related to business needs.

Haroon Ahmad, Co-founder, and CEO of Infoglen, congratulated their Business Systems Engineering team for developing a tool that simplifies the entire hiring and selection workflow and sharpens Infoglen’s attempts to achieve the best talent. Their teams of developers and QA engineers fully understand how to adapt this tool as processes grow and business needs progress, having used it for their needs, which continue to get more complicated as they grow rapidly, added Haroon.

About Infoglen

Infoglen, a San Jose-based tech firm, is a Salesforce Advanced Consulting Partner specializing in delivering high-quality, advanced, and custom solutions to businesses in various industries. Infoglen is geared toward helping customers prosper throughout their Salesforce journey, with a rapidly growing team spread across the world. Infoglen is known to deliver advancement and adding business value for its customers along their digital transformation journey, from custom and advanced Salesforce solutions to complex resource/talent management. Their experts are enthusiastic about Salesforce technologies and the impact they have on a company’s bottom line.

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