Informatica, the only proven Enterprise Cloud Management that accelerates data-driven digital transformation recently announced the additional features for its Cloud Data Quality Solution during its Cloud Data Quality Virtual Summit which is the first and only micro-service based, multi-tenant cloud quality solution embedded with Intelligent Cloud Services, the top platform service (iPaaS) solution in the industry. 

With cloud computing being rapidly embraced by the industry, the quality of data becomes the foremost concern for any organization. An improved data quality not only helps in enhancing value of the data but also quickens up cloud migrations and cloud data warehouse modernization. By having access to top notch data, the user’s adoption of SaaS applications gets better and the potential business risks get reduced.

An IDC (International Data Corporation) survey confirmed that 60% of the organizations face struggles induced by poor data quality and Informatica’s Cloud Data Solution aims at resolving such matters with the help of their consistent process and methodology, automating and scaling data profiling, implementing centralized regulation management across sources in on-site and multi-cloud hybrid ecosystems all the while offering constant insights into the quality of data.

This ensures democratized data quality for one and all by letting users to identify and solve data quality issues themselves. Including end users into the data quality initiatives can be crucial when it comes to successful adoption of cloud applications and faith in insights from analytics.

The features and abilities of enhanced Cloud Data Quality solution are:

1. Intelligent Data Profiling: With the assistance provided by CLAIRE®, the metadata-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, one can automatically assign best practice data quality rules. Then profile data to scrutinize its structure and milieu using innovative templates.

2. Business Rule Definitions: Equip the enterprise with the capability to lead data quality initiatives simultaneously making sure that the project cycles are reduced so that IT can direct their focus on strategic products. 

3. Centralized re-usable rules: Constantly implement data quality rules round the organization to promote governance and decrease the cost by re-using centrally managed data quality rules.

4. Control and Supervise: Provide continuous cognizance by aligning data quality and data governance efforts, and track data quality progress over time.

About Informatica

Founded in 1993, Informatica is the one and only proven Enterprise Cloud Management that accelerates data-driven digital transformation. Their Intelligent Data Paltform powered by AI-driven CLAIRE™ engine, facilitates companies to embark on the innovation journey, transform into a better enterprise by realizing their strength and seizing the new opportunities. 

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