Infosys recently announced that it has completed the procurement of Oddity, a digital marketing agency based in Germany. This follows the company’s official statement last month.

According to an exchange filing, the purchase solidifies Infosys’ creative, branding, and experience design functionality. It shows the company’s ongoing commitment to co-create with clients and assist them in their digital transformation strategy.

Oddity brings to Infosys a detailed service portfolio that includes digital-first brand management and communication, in-house production, including virtual and augmented reality, experience design, and e-commerce services, as well as its metaverse-ready set-up across Europe, according to a company statement.

Oddity will merge with another Infosys marketing company, Wongdoody, and join its network of studios in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Providence, Houston, London, and design hubs in five Indian cities.

To complete the above all-cash deal, Infosys announced last month that it will pay 50 million Euros and purchase another company, Kristall 247, for Euros 3,000.

About Infosys

Infosys is a worldwide leader in digital services and consulting for the next generation. They allow customers to navigate their digital transformation in 46 countries. They skillfully steer their customers through their digital journey with almost four decades of experience managing global businesses’ systems and workings. They make it happen by enabling the company with an AI-powered core that helps to optimize change execution. They also empower the company to deliver unparalleled performance levels and customer delight with flexible digital to scale. Their always-on learning agenda influences their continuous improvement by developing and transferring digital skills, expertise, and ideas from their innovation ecosystem.

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