Reading Time: 2 minutes, Integrity Energy’s residential energy marketplace, will relaunch with a new exciting look. The new site provides a free and easy browsing experience to optimize your online energy purchasing, helping to bring clean, advanced expertise to the rapidly advancing online energy sector.

The rebrand introduces a new logo and colors, ruby, orange, and gold, and an appealing pleasantly refreshed architecture. The straightforward rate comparison tool has been modified with a fast-loading design that allows comparing, selecting, and signing up for new energy proposals extremely easy than ever.

Besides that, under their latest ‘Resources’ and ‘How It Works’ segments, now provides valuable advice and buyers’ guides to home energy buying, which includes full educational articles on the provider switching operation, energy deregulation, as well as how to identify the right energy plan

Mike Naughton, Co-Founder, Integrity Energy & Price To Compare, stated that they understand how perplexing energy shopping can be. Hence they have always been decided to commit to educating and enabling entrepreneurs to make the best energy decisions possible. Now, through Price To Compare, they want to give homeowners the same power. Household budgeters and anyone else intrigued in saving money on their energy and natural gas expenses can use Price To Compare’s new energy price comparison tool to look into the different energy plan options available in their neighborhood.

About Integrity Energy

Integrity Energy is based in Cleveland ad. It is a commercial energy brokerage that provides small-to-medium-sized businesses across the highly competitive natural gas and electricity plans. It was set up with the aim of empowering entrepreneurs to make the best, most informed choices possible about their energy purchases to safeguard their bottom lines from energy market fluctuations. It is one of the biggest commercial energy brokerage firms in the United States, serving over 40,000 clients and partnering with over 30 significant energy suppliers.

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As a subsidiary of Integrity Energy, debuted in 2019. Price To Compare offers homeowners the ultimate energy shopping experience, backed by its parent brand’s 10+ years of business expertise and proficient supplier pricing. Price To Compare makes it simple to learn and save more on electricity, from its extensive educational resources to its user-friendly online price comparison tool.

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