A leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets, IPC and a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, Digital Reasoning entered into a strategic partnership on 23 June 2020. The collaboration will assist financial institutions to analyze voice surveillance data to identify and preempt regulatory risk with prompt action. Digital Reasoning expertise is coming up with AI based solutions that understands human communication and behavior, hand in hand with IPC strong presence in the financial ecosystem will bring to the fore regulatory risks related to voice communications with timely detection and proper analysis.

With the lowest surveillance coverage, voice has high potential that may lead to regulatory violations. The fact that only 5% of calls are monitored by most banks and financial institutions poses a huge threat and may result in steep fines and lawsuits at times. The reason for low and random sampling of voice communications can be attributed to low quality alerts, poor speech recognition, hardware issues and expensive reviews. 

Expressing his excitement on the partnership, Bob Santella, Chief Executive Officer, IPC mentioned that now they would be able to leverage Digital Reasoning’s proven, cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and enable its customersto analyze all their voice surveillance data, better protect their reputations and reduce overall risk. He said “We are always focused on delivering extraordinary value and an exceptional experience for our customers.”  

IPC that operates one of the world’s largest financial and cloud enabled communities, with presence in 60 countries, 750 cities and 6,600+ connected locations, now through their partnership presents an opportunity for financial institutions around the world to analyze and monitor all of their voice data. Financial institutions with faster and proper risk assessment of threats will have the assurance of reducing regulatory exposure and ensuring that their employees maintain highest standards of conduct.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Digital Reasoning, Tim Estes thrilled to have partnered with IPC, recognized, respected and renowned around the world for its award-winning trading communications platform, stated that their expertise in intelligent software and IPC’s vast presence in multi-cloud financial ecosystem will advance voice surveillance to financial institutions resulting in cost effective monitoring of voice communications and lower risk exposures.

About IPC

It is a technology and service leader powering the global financial markets. IPC nurtures a customer-first mentality and brings together one of the most diverse and largest global financial ecosystems spanning all asset classes and market participants. IPC empowers the community to interact, transact and react to market changes and challenges, and collaborate with the customers to help make them secure, compliant, productive and connected.

To know more, visit: www.ipc.com

About Digital Reasoning

An American company headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, Digital Reasoning provides cognitive computing services to intelligence agencies, financial institutions and healthcare organizations in the United States. Digital Reasoning was formed with the conviction that machine learning would be incredibly transformative and would empower people in ways which would make a positive difference for humanity. It is a global leader in understanding human communications and behavior through the combination of applied AI.

For more information, visit: https://digitalreasoning.com

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