iQSTEL, Inc. (USOTC: IQST) reported that its cohesive enhanced telecommunications services were featured in a Market Trends Magazine report. The company is increasingly growing from its Tier-1 and Tier-2 service provider origins to become a communications technology pioneer.

As iQSTEL prepares for a proposed NASDAQ uplisting, revenues and margins are increasingly increasing. The company’s current revenue estimate for 2021 is over $60 million, but that figure could rise as the company moves forward with a proposed merger and acquisition campaign.

The iQSTEL article in Business Trends Magazine delves into CEO Leandro Jose Iglesias’s mind to learn more about his vision for the organization beyond his stellar track record over the last two years.

iQSTEL Inc. is a publicly-traded corporation headquartered in the United States that provides cutting-edge 21st Century Enhanced Telecommunications Services to Tier-1 and Tier-2 carriers, business, and industrial customers, as well as the retail industry.

iQSTEL’s President and CEO, Leandro Jose Iglesias remarked that the company recently started the planning process of a new collaborative design program with Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI), an electric vehicle (EV) innovator, to co-develop two-way interface communication solutions unique to the EV operating environment., discusses the company’s ambitious mission and vision.

About  iQSTEL Inc

With a presence in 13 countries, iQSTEL Inc (OTC: IQST) ( is a publicly-traded organization headquartered in the United States that provides cutting-edge telecommunication, technology, and fintech services to global markets. SMS, VoIP, 4G & 5G strategic placement access, Cloud-PBX, OmniChannel Marketing, IoT Smart Electric Vehicle Platform, iQ Batteries for Electric Vehicles, IoT Smart Gas Platform, IoT Smart Tank Platform, Visa Debit Card, Money Remittance, Mobile Number Portability Application are among the company’s many products and services. MNPA (Blockchain Platform) is a cryptocurrency.

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