ixlayer, the market leader in health testing technology solutions, has adapted its platform to tackle the need for accelerated COVID-19 clinical research to be initiated and scale-up. The ixlayer platform, which is already comprising the security components that are complex and time-consuming to produce, has involved in different content to extent the support against COVID-19.  It is enabling physicians and health systems, organizations, and university groups to easily link to collaborating laboratories to produce COVID-19 clinical tests.

Pouria Sanae, the CEO of ixlayer said, “When the World Health Organization declared rapid and global testing was needed to address COVID-19, I knew that would present challenges. Bringing a new test online can be complicated and time consuming without technology solutions. Thankfully, the ixlayer platform has been efficiently delivering precision health testing across the US using the telehealth model for several years, so we already have the needed security and infrastructure in place.” He also added that his team’s swift modifications to the ixlayer platform, and taking care of the additional measures to scale COVID-19 testing nationally made him proud.

Amid the global responses to COVID-19, ixlayer uses the platform to address the issues facing US clinical labs, including:

 1. Scalable equipment serving numerous laboratories and vendors in all nations.

2. Telemedicine technology allowing ordering doctors to communicate with patients at home. 

3. Safe online collection of data on patient safety screening and eligibility (HIPAA compliant).

4. 3rd party Telemedicine physician networks to support high demand.

5. Ability to schedule COVID-19 sample collection for a patient drive-through.

The COVID-19 Clinical Test Platform also collects real-time data, including reports on positive and negative tests by age, gender, and geographic location-enabling the Centers for Disease Control or other researchers to detect patterns in transmission of diseases. Along with it, if there is a large number of inconclusive or “no-call” tests in a given region, issues with the test pipeline can be easily detected and addressed.

Eventually, the content was thoughtfully created in the platform to ensure patients have reliable, up-to-date educational resources, using CDC and WHO guidance. The material is periodically reviewed and modified, as guidance and recommendations for CDC and WHO increases. This can also be adapted to the unique needs of a particular community while maintaining the credibility of the message from these leading authorities.

Pouria added that we should not only support the clinical labs and healthcare system’s infrastructure and technology problems but also deliver indicators to help researchers’ model.

About ixlayer:

 ixlayer is a market pioneer in the health-tech field, providing health tastings to doctors, health systems, health-focused companies, and pharmaceutical partners with creative technologies for driving precision health research. The ixlayer platform offers end-to-end solutions for the components of sophisticated health testing for technological, safety, regulatory, and user experience.

The ixlayer COVID-19 Clinical Test will tap into any health system and laboratory within 48 hours-enabling laboratories to digitize ordering and produce results in real time.

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