With the launch of an enhanced version of Jahia Digital Experience Platform (DXP), a product of global DXP provider Jahia Solutions Group, on May 26, 2020, it has taken a step forward in line with its mantra “Simplify Everything Empower Everyone”. The cloud based solution allows businesses to usher the next stage of digital evolution with scalability, capabilities and support, thus taking the experience to a global level.

Enhancing digital journeys of customers’ is paramount in today’s digital economy where people are constantly seeking instant access to information that assists them in their decision making, purchases or simply to carry out their work. The Jahia cloud based solution helps to accelerate and augment customer experiences by leveraging content and customer data in a better way.

“Digital experience platforms are now at the center of many marketing technology stacks. We are committed to reimagining and evolving our solutions so our customers can deliver engaging customer journeys more simply and easily,” said Rami Chahine, chief product officer, Jahia.

Businesses benefit from the new cloud-based Jahia DXP as it not only enables them to simplify, accelerate and create but also to deliver highly personalized digital experience to its audience. The CEO of Jahia, Michael Tupanjanin, speaking on the new platform, mentioned that organizations, even without deep technical expertise, can better view, manage and leverage the combination of their content and customer data with Jahia DXP.

Jahia’s DXP agility empowers global marketers with a simplified, faster way to create and deliver the most relevant and tailored experiences in an innovative and exciting manner while leveraging their existing technology stack. Jahia’s team of experts also provides technical support and training for content editors, developers and system administrators equipping them to explore the full potential and leverage the power of the platform.

What makes Jahia DXP unique is its increased ability to consume content and data everywhere through advanced API/GraphQL enhancing the headless capabilities. Supporting the modernization of app development with its new platform and module deployments, including OSGI, JDK 11 support, Tomcat 9 and Docker. While the new free trial of Jahia’s Cloud DXP allows users to start using Jahia within minutes, its New Jahia Cloud delivers a server-less DXP with auto scale that ensures performance and flexibility. 

The New Jahia’s StackConnect with more than 400 out of the box connectors and no code workflows allows the customer to connect and build their digital stack faster while remaining in their current workflow with their best of breed tools, not to mention the enhanced SEO, compliance and accessibility features through SiteImprove integration.  All this contributes immensely to improved user experience with an unwavering focus on streamlining the creation, personalizing and publishing content, minimizing time to value (TtV).

The importance of TtV for any business is echoed in the words of Carl Collin, Vice President of Information Technology, AllianceRx Walgreens Prime.”Jahia’s DXP helps us get content out quicker, whether to whole demographics or a select group of patients. And since we don’t need to spend an inordinate amount of time and money on it, I can instead reinvest in other activities that allow us to provide a better care experience”.

About Jahia

Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Switzerland, Jahia is a leading provider of open source content management and digital experience applications. Its customer community includes hundreds of global brands and organizations including Ben & Jerry’s, Nationwide, NASA and General Motors. Jahia Solution Group makes digital experience simpler so that its customers can stack up to create standout digital experiences. With offices in Boston, Toronto and Paris, Jahia helps organizations globally to leverage content and customer data enhancing customer engagement. 

To know more: http://www.jahia.com

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