Enverus, the energy industry’s foremost data, software, and insights company, has recently launched the next generation of CurveBuilder, a leading forward curves data management software. The new version of CurveBuilder is web-based and provides all users within the trading floor, right from traders to risk analysts, a platform to develop complex forward curve formulas in seconds from any given location. This upgrade revolutionizes access to forward curve analysis, which was siloed and limited to technically sound analysts until now. 

CurveBuilder offers compliance and risk managers access to complete transparency and audit trails within forward curves management, making it easy for users to trace every change in each forward curve’s history. It also equips clients with unique holiday calendars and automated curves for-profit and losses, value at risk and market settles. 

CurveBuilder’s technology plugs directly into MarketView (an energy market data visualization software) and serves traders an intraday pricing solution. CurveBuilder implementation elevates operational efficiencies, compliance, and risk mitigation. 

Simon Crisp, GM of Enverus Trading & Risk, noted that global commodity trading firms are steadily acquiring up-to-the-minute visualization of trade positions with real-time forward curve generation using CurveBuilder. He elaborated that the web-based CurveBuilder software is quick, easy, and intuitive, allowing traders to visualize market scenarios and perform instant forward curves analysis promptly. 

About Enverus

Founded in 1999, Enverus is a company that provides innovative technologies and predictive analysis through its SaaS platform. Focused on the energy industry, Enverus solutions are sold to over 6,000 clients across 50 countries worldwide. 

For more information, visit: https://www.enverus.com

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