With more and more countries looking to relax social distancing to revive economic growth, the threat of community spread of coronavirus looms large over the world. Immediate response and action is required to flatten the curve and prevent community spread, a humongous task that will risk exposure of the health workforce combatting COVID-19, a challenge for the governments all around is to not let it spiral out of control. Successive Technologies’ digital contact tracing application can prove to be extremely useful in breaking the chain of transmission due to the exponential rise in the number of cases.

The contact tracing application, developed by Successive Technologies, has the underlying principle that if mobile phones get close enough to connect vis Bluetooth, the proximity of the users would lead to the transmission of the virus. The application is built in such a way that it’s triggered whenever it happens and records data about the participants, location and time of the interaction. An anonymous random key is exchanged between the devices when within 10 meters of each other.

CEO of Successive Technologies, Sid Pandey mentioned that the application is built to ensure employees’ safety as it allows them to track high risk and asymptomatic people, so that they can be tested on priority. Also that the identity of the positive cases would not be disclosed and they would only receive a notification if they were to be in close contact with an infected person.

With the planned deployment of the application within organizations and in collaboration with state and national health department, tracking and testing of people who unwittingly had come in contact with COVID positive patient, will be more convenient. This would also allow authorities to take necessary steps, administer measures and offer support during and post COVID quarantine. Mark Bavisotto, Head of North America’s Business Unit for Successive Technologies said that they have made the application as user friendly as it can get and since it requires high uptake to be successful, security and data privacy has been a priority to alleviate user concerns.

The application offers all-round support and is an easy to use tool. With features like COVID-19 updates and navigation bar, easy on-boarding, self-assessment forms for the risk determination, businesses, in particular would benefit with its implementation. This is because it addresses the need for an automated contact tracing to make informed decisions, since public apps do not suffice in this regard. 

“We are confident that it will help countries control the disease as restrictions are eased. We hope that vaccines come up soon but until then, this app will help support health systems and control the pandemic,” added Mark.

About Successive Technologies

Successive Technologies is a global consulting and IT services company. It delivers targeted domain solutions and comprehensive services, from strategy and business consulting to technology and operations with a specialized focus in ERP/ SaaS solutions, Google Map Applications, GPS/GIS Applications, custom software development, e-commerce solution and mobile apps development. 

Successive, using off-shore resources and global project management tools, methods and standards, is one of the leading technology services providers for various industry segments including government and public sector. Today Successive is a fast growing young leader in business process which leverages the power of intelligent processes, in depth analytics and innovative technology to help its clients drive efficiency across their enterprise.

To know more visit: https://www.successive.tech

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