The pioneering event series committed to financial services advancement, LendIt Fintech, recently announced that its flagship event, LendIt Fintech USA, will come back to the Javits Center in New York on May 25-26, 2022. LendIt Fintech USA is in its tenth year and has evolved from a small community event with 350 people attending in 2013 to over 5,000 currently. LendIt Fintech USA, held in the world’s financial capital, is the biggest fintech event in New York City, bringing together banking institutions, financial service providers, and investors looking to learn and do business. Every year, LendIt Fintech USA hosts over 10,000 one-on-one meetings, with many of these meetings serving as catalysts for agreements and collaborations that emerge.

Bo Brustkern, LendIt Fintech Co-Founder and CEO, said they are enthusiastic about returning to their site at the New York City’s Javits Center for their milestone 10th annual event.  The industry is heavily dependent on the cutting-edge material and face-to-face meetings that the events provide. This is where folks come to strengthen established connections, seek new partners, and close deals, which is why a return to physical events is so essential for the financial services industry’s future. In May, they hope to bring the financial technology society back together.

They will bring together the renowned visionaries in their industry in person at LendIt Fintech USA 2022 to analyze the day’s most pressing issues. Popular themes will be reimagined, including Banking Crosses into its Digital Future, Credit & Underwriting: AI, More Data and Better Tools, SMB Fintech: New Solutions for Lending & Banking, Credit & Underwriting: AI, More Data and Better Tools. For the 2022 edition, some new topics to expect, such as Fintech in 2027, Real-Time Payments: How Fintech is Not Waiting for the Fed, Embedded Finance: Every Company Can Become a Fintech and Crypto, DeFi & CBDCs: The Future of Money is Here.

About LendIt Fintech

LendIt Fintech is a pioneering fintech media company focused on financial services technology development. They now host three significant conferences per year for the US, European, and Latin American markets, as well as Fintech Nexus, our latest addition to their event calendar. LendIt Fintech also offers comprehensive news updates to the fintech society, amplifies industry updates via its PR platform, Fintech Features, and connects employees and employers via the LendIt Fintech Job Board. It is fascinating to be in financial services, according to the LendIt Fintech team.

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