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ListenFirst, the leading corporate social analytics platform, announced the launch of Instant Insights, new analytics feature that shows businesses’ social media performance in real-time. Instant Insights uses machine learning to give the data needed to assess performance and identify significant takeaways in plain language, leveraging years of intelligence acquired from working with the world’s leading brands.

Marketers can set various brands and content filters on the fly with the agile application, allowing them to evaluate social content from any cohort on demand. In addition, Instant Insights gives crucial analyses of top content, earned sentiment, industry benchmarking, and more in one convenient view.

ListenFirst’s co-CEO and co-Founder, Jason Klein, explained how the ListenFirst platform provides world-class analytics and reporting to the world’s leading businesses and how the advent of Instant Insights allows users to exploit our data depth fully. Klein regards it as a universal intelligence tool that can be used for any content analysis use case, giving marketers the ability to generate valuable insights without relying on specialist analysts swiftly.

This novel methodology relieves consumers of the burden of deciphering the meaning of raw data by generating insights on their screen that would previously have required the manual efforts of a qualified analyst. Instead, Instant Insights uses natural language processing to identify the most important lessons and top achievers quickly. Users can then share appealing, easy-to-understand reports with colleagues and customers.

ListenFirst’s Chief Product Officer, Jonathan Farb, described how consumers waste time figuring out what the data means or searching for more information, resulting in less time spent on basic strategy. Instant Insights, according to Farb, allows clients to reclaim that critical time.

During the forthcoming webinar, Maximize Your Social Media Analytics to Drive Business, on June 24th at 2:00 PM ET, 11 PT, Instant Insights will be discussed.

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ListenFirst is the world’s most popular social analytics platform, and it’s utilized by some of the world’s most well-known brands. They provide a simple, one-stop solution for optimizing social media marketing and maximizing ROI with unrivalled data and award-winning expertise.

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