On the renowned Channel Futures 2021 NextGen 101 rankings, Managed IT Systems was listed as one of the world’s top managed service providers. Following a scale on the MSP 501 list in 2020, this award was given.

The NextGen 101 list recognizes leading managed services and technology providers who, through the breakthrough solutions they provide for their customers, are propelling the tech channel into a new era of development and innovation. Thanks to their cutting-edge information technology and communication solutions, the Channel Futures NextGen 101 list includes firms with many potentials. These business models, including cloud, security, and unified communications, are based on recurring revenue.

The Channel Futures NextGen 101 are the growing firms to watch today because they reflect the future of the technology channel and IT industry. The winners of this year’s NextGen 101 competition were chosen from among the submissions received for the Channel Futures MSP 501 in 2021.

Managed IT Systems CEO Scott Meeler expressed his gratitude for being named to the NextGen 101 list this year. As a premier managed service provider, he believes that they are constantly working to help Georgia businesses enhance productivity and profitability by streamlining IT.

Channel Futures is constantly working to guarantee that their partner communities are recognized for what they do best, and as a result, they are developing programs specifically for them. That endeavor is represented by Nextgen 101.

The NextGen 101 symbolizes those organizations and leaders ushering forward a new wave of growth for the technology industry, according to Robert DeMarzo, vice president of content for Informa Tech Channels. Their businesses and thoughts revolve around the customer experience, and they uniquely approach partnerships.

Allison Francis, editor and content producer at Channel Partners and Channel Futures, shared that NextGen 101 is aimed to celebrate partners who devote resources to broadening out their practices while keeping the integrity of their primary companies.

Channel Futures’ market intelligence insights are driven by the data collected by the annual NextGen 101 and MSP 501 surveys, which result in robust data sets and data-based trend reports that brace their event programming, editorial coverage, community and networking strategies, and educational offerings.

About Managed IT Systems

Managed IT Systems has been a significant provider of IT support and consulting in the Atlanta and Athens areas since 2005, focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises. By making IT a more streamlined element of operations, they’ve helped hundreds of organizations enhance productivity and profitability. 

For more information on Managed IT Systems, visit https://www.manageditsystems.com

About Channel Futures

Channel Futures is a media and events system that enables insights, market analysis, peer engagement, business information, and in-person events to enterprises in the IT channel.  

For more information on Channel Futures, visit https://www.channelfutures.com/

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