The worldwide pioneer in the automation of contractor management system Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) has launched the latest suite TRACK Anywhere, which is a cloud-based mobile application designed to manage the workforce remotely. 

TRACK® is the comprehensive automation suite that allows the stakeholders to control, manage, and regulate contractor labor, equipment, and materials expenditure in the project. The business owner and the contractor both can access daily processing and determine Net Billable Hours & Costs, which ensures accuracy, transparency, and cost-effectiveness at the workplace. For 30 years and more, a wide range of industries and refineries depend on TRACK to ensure streamlining of business process, elimination of invoice disputes, settlement of payment discrepancies and enable human resources visibility concerning work allocation within the proximity of work location.

TRACK Anywhere can be regarded as a remote contractor management system that brings the power of TRACK at any place in the field. TRACK Anywhere gives the business owners the control on remote areas through two innovative applications, Virtual Gate, and Kiosk. 

The Virtual Gate helps the contractors to badge in/out with their mobile phones from the remote locations, which gives the business owner the real-time visibility of labor and costs incurred in the project. This cross-platform application offers an interface to work with mobile phones and tablets, having Android and Apple IOS. It can record and provide GPS location of clock in/out events and includes Geo-authorization capability. The access rights of contractors, foreman, and individuals allow them to upload field notes and photographic documentation of their activities.

In the absence of conventional access control or gate systems, the Kiosk provides badge in/out capability, affirms geo-location of the activity in remote locations by scanning an individual’s QR coded badges or RFID badges.

The GPS location enables the clients and contractors to ascertain the worker’s availability at the right place at a given time. Moreover, to prevent any potential risk at the workplace, the TRACK Anywhere Kiosk programmatically evaluates the legitimacy of contractor’s Pre-Qualification Requirements such as insurance and training certifications before approving their entry in the work location. The tablets can be mounted and fixed at a place or remain portable for each work area, which allows authorities to continuously supervise and direct their teams irrespective of their work location. These wi-fi enabled gadgets are ruggedized, intrinsically safe, and can operate in extreme weather conditions.

MCi President Ken Naughton said that “we know that for many companies, remote worksites are an essential part of doing business, but it can be a real challenge to get a clear picture of who was on-site and what they should pay. We can now bring the power of the TRACK Platform to non-fenced work locations such as pipelines, power distribution & transmission lines, offshore platforms, railways, and construction sites.”

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About Management Controls, Inc.

Management Controls, Inc. (MCi) helps companies acquire improved visibility, control, and efficiency from their contract workforce. MCi’s TRACK® Platform provides a complete insight of cost incurred across their labor, equipment, and materials. The obtained real-time data optimizes performance and safety for routine maintenance, turnarounds, capital projects, and operations in advance. The powerful union of MCI’s customized analytics service and TRACK-as-a-Service (TaaS) one of the managed services, companies can influence improvement in site productivity.

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Posted in News By TMB Editorial   Date April 14, 2020

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