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To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, Medocity, who is a pioneer in undertaking virtual care innovation, launches the COVID-19 Digital Care Platform with Nebraska’s biggest post-acute health services provider, Hillcrest Home Care. A flagship ecosystem with comprehensive digital care attributes employed a population-based COVID-19 program that empowers virtual scanning, remote monitoring, and risk assessment of COVID-19 symptom for team members and the dispersed population. Medocity’s Digital Care platform potentially performs real-time screening, remote symptom monitoring, critical symptom tracking, and proactive consultation, for indistinct people, including high-risk patients with multiple co-morbidities.

Lauren Wright, Administrator of Hillcrest Home Care, explained that Coronavirus puts many of our home health patients, particularly those with complex conditions such as COPD and CHF, at far higher risk than before. They can now remotely monitor and track changes to temperature, oxygen levels, and other COVID-19 specific symptoms every day. 

Because of the unpredictable expansion of the global threat and the rise in mortality rate, Medocity amplified the development of a digital program with COVID-19 specific clinical protocols to enable:

1. Assistance in the early detection of possible COVID-19 cases in a populationProactively notify through personalized guidance by posting frequent, consistent, relevant communications to the individual.

2. Allocate a dedicated real-time active monitoring of individuals and their reported symptoms

3. Any change in health status calls for immediate intensification of care

4. Periodic update and reporting of evolving COVID-19 patient health statistics 

5. Analyze and report trends over time to continually check the appropriate allocation of  resources

Hillcrest Home Care clinical team members will deploy and use the application on their own mobile devices to update daily self-reported symptom checks to confirm that they are healthy and fit to report to work. Similarly, low-risk at-home patients can also use their own mobile devices to perform the same self-assessments.

This Medocity Digital Care Platform is compliant with any digital sensor or any natural language processor. This feature is suitable for high-risk COPD and CHF patients. Medocity’s preloaded tablet configured with Hillcrest’s monitor program records and triggers a real-time alert to the clinicians if a patient’s vitals such as temperature, heart rate, or oxygen levels are outside the predefined parameter. This alert calls for a proactive, prompt, and appropriate COVID-19 intervention.  

Our remote patient monitoring capabilities can be used for chronic and complex condition management, including co-morbidities, or crisis management as we are demonstrating with our COVID-19 digital solution,” said Raj Agarwal, President, and CEO of Medocity. 

About Hillcrest Home Care

Hillcrest Home Care operates in eleven counties in Nebraska and Iowa to provide medical home health assistance and telehealth services to aging adults. This organization is an ancillary of Hillcrest Health Services that offers a broad range of senior health care and housing services, and its team member improves the living of more than 1500 aging adults each day. 

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About Medocity

Medocity is a leading name in innovative health care technology company renewing the approach towards the management of chronic diseases. The Medocity Digital care Platform is accessible from any part of the world and refers to as a next-generation technology in an early and proactive intervention. This real-time responsive platform enables its client to deliver a consolidated virtual health care plan for patients with any condition. Through one shared environment, this award-winning HIPPA compliant platform connects all healthcare professionals, monitor patients, applies AI to identify anomalies and intervene when required. Medocity Platform increases engagement, improves results, and lowers healthcare costs.


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