A leading software innovator for diabetes care professionals, Mellitus Health, Inc. has designated Steve Wubker as its new chief executive officer (CEO) on July 27, 2020. Mellitus Health manages insulin therapy.

Steve Wubker joined Mellitus Health with decades of expertise in medical sales and management. He became President and CEO of Transaction Data Systems (TDS) in 2000, succeeding in his 15 years of professional experience. Under this position, he took its Rx30 Pharmacy software platform from approximately 800 pharmacies to market-leading 8,500 pharmacies.

Steve asserted that he is thrilled to join the Mellitus Health team of professionals. He further mentioned that the opportunity to improve diabetes patients’ health offers many parallels that drove their business at TDS through advanced software. It supports improving patient health, operational efficiencies, cost-effectiveness, and a tool that truly provides an invaluable asset for all parties involved. According to him, he is seeing opportunities and challenges that remind him of the days at TDS. He is excited to start this familiar journey again with such a talented group of people. He further stated that knowing how dangerous and debilitating diabetes can be, he’s excited to see the positive difference that the Mellitus Health team can make in fighting diabetes.

Steve has worked as President of the American Pharmacy Alliance, Vice President of the American Society for the Automation of Pharmacy, and also served on the advisory boards of RelayHealth, Wolters Kluwer, and Change Healthcare. He has also presented as a member of the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs and the National Community Pharmacy Association.

Josh Davidson, who has worked as CEO of Mellitus Health since its founding, and will continue to serve as Chief Product Officer, stated that Mellitus Health team is looking forward to Steve’s impact on their company’s future, that he can create with his vision, the proven leadership, pharmacy industry, and sales experience. He further mentioned that they have come to this moment of opportunity after a lot of achievement by their small team. Steve already understands the enormous potential of their technology for improving diabetes care, mainly as pharmacy-based care and remote patient monitoring have gained much importance. He further stated that Steve fits well with their CEO’s requirements, to guide Mellitus Health through this thrilling next chapter of their growth.

About Mellitus Health, Inc.

Mellitus Health has automated and expanded the highly effective algorithm-based insulin dosing protocol, taught by Mayer B. Davidson, former American Diabetes Association president, based on his 35 years of clinical research. Mellitus Health’s Insulin Insights software provides prescription adjustment recommendations to clinicians in seconds. It is unique in the market that can handle all insulin, every commonly used insulin regimen, and virtually every dosing scenario.

To learn more, visit http://www.mellitushealth.com

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