Smart Care Management Network mHealthCoach launched Employee Screening System, an app-based system for companies who want protect proactively the safety and health of their returning employees in the midst of COVID-19.The employee screening solution has several characteristics that make pandemic workplace management easy for companies to scale up and fulfil privacy and security needs. The solution provides exposure alerts, a quarantine clock and tools for recording incidents and tracking – including support with the risk-taking escalation protocol, availability of antibody tests and quarantine guidelines. Using a HIPAA-conforming cloud to protect sensitive information, the app runs on an employee management system from mHealthCoach.

Aamer Ghaffar, mHealthCoach founder, said that, the difference between a proactive approach and the reactive one is the outlook in dealing situation depending on its gravity. Companies that can not run dispersed workers themselves are looking for a long way to “business as normal,” and need a resource that is easily implemented for efficient, long-term threat management. The Employee Screening Solution enables businesses to proactively build a safety-based system to encourage more workers to return to work without fear, organizations to continue to meet federal and local requirements, and leadership can demonstrate their workforce’s value. The response is to address the pandemic recommendations, and the complex national regulatory bodies at the right time. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends all organizations to adopt a routine surveillance system, including self-monitoring under the direction of the occupational health plan of their employer. In the new OSHA ‘s study “Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19,” the organization stressed that large and medium-sized organizations, including administrative reviews, should have a preparatory plan before service resumes. A quick and effective action plan will reduce the recruitment of more workers and the expense of the employers’ health insurance.

The COVID-19 employees Screening Solution provides a daily symptom screening system, resources for risky employees and reporting skills to enable robust record-keeping. Before they come to work, workers answer questions about themselves every day. If the findings are in compliance with safety standards, the employee may receive a digital health badge in the form of a QR code. Management can view status data from real-time screening. If an employee needs help, the solution directs them quickly to available test sites and can even arrange a meeting. Workers can also easily connect to their employers.

The COVID-19 employee screening solution, available for mobile and desktop applications, does not require configuration or download. The program takes effect within one hour when a company is on-board. Users also have the option to upgrade to their own BAAs with a free Business associate agreement (BAA).

About mHealthCoach

mHealthCoach was formed in 2009 and is an intelligent human resources case management platform. Smart software from mHealthCoach helps companies to provide richer, more peaceful and easy-to-reach employees to their benefit management teams. By using the virtual assistant model, mHealthCoach automatically automates key operations so that end-users benefit from fast onboarding, payment authorisations, consent approvals, on-demand services and empathic communications.

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