Microsoft is experimenting with a built-in VPN capability for Edge Canary that allows users to safely connect to public Wi-Fi networks.

Edge Canary users can now connect to the Microsoft Edge Secure network. According to Windows Central, it protects people’s privacy by concealing a device’s IP address, encrypting user data, and routing web sessions through a secure network.

Some Edge Canary users already had access to Microsoft Edge Secure Network, although Microsoft just formally disclosed the capability on May 12. The Cloudflare-powered solution makes collecting surfing data more difficult for internet service providers (ISPs). It also prohibits marketers from targeting advertising based on your information.

According to the article, Microsoft would provide users 1GB of free data each month while the feature is in preview. Microsoft has not stated whether or not this free allocation would be removed in the future. Streaming video consumes more bandwidth than browsing the web, thus, it’s best to use Secure Network’s options to customize when you enable the feature.

According to Microsoft, a secure Network will connect devices to a “local data center,” and the IP address your browsing data passes through will be geographically comparable to your actual region. This will protect your privacy by not sharing your IP address, but it will prevent you from pretending to be in another region.

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