Milo™, a hands-free phone-free group communicator wearable device, launched its Milo Kickstarter campaign and has started taking pre-orders. Milo is the reimagination of walkie-talkie that will be available on advanced technology software and hardware platform. It will enable multi-way group voice conversations in real-time and transform user’s experiences for outdoor adventurers in any condition.

Peter Celinski, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Loose Cannon Systems explained that the idea for Milo came to him while skiing with his kids. Being tired of grabbing his phones with freezing hands while skiing, he realized the importance of coming up with something that would help communicate easily. Celinski is an inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur who holds multiple patents in wireless networking and user interfaces. Before founding MILO, he co-founded Avega Systems, that h introduced the first WiFi smart speaker in 2005.

Made for adventure lovers, Milo utilizes various world-first features to offer high-quality conversation in a simple and beautiful design. Contrary to open-source mesh protocol alternatives, MiloNet™ provides proactive routing, tolerates packet loss, controls latency, and is air-efficient.

Milo comprises advanced audio processing, six high-performance microphones, a custom speaker and amplifier design, an intricate RF design, and a simple user interface presented in a palm-sized form-factor. Its software provides secure and closed-channel communications for groups to communicate as far as 2000 feet in low-latency. 

A group can talk at a normal volume with ease by clipping Milo to a pocket, handle, or helmet. Additionally, when somebody from the group goes out-of-range, Milo sends them notifications to re-join the group. With a goal of raising $100,000 USD, the Kickstarter campaign will be live from October 6 to November 11, 2020. Milo is currently in a development phase backed by a team of highly skilled innovators in the wireless networking, audio, and voice industries, with experience in working for Amazon Lab 126, Bang & Olufsen, Apple, Cisco, Nuance, Garmin, Nokia, Intel, Logitech, and Denon. 

About Milo

Milo™ is a communications product for outdoor adventurers founded by Peter Celinski. It has revolutionized the communication process during bike rides, snowboarding, skiing, or other outdoor activities. Whether on slopes, trails, or water, Milo offers uninterrupted conversation through a hands-free group voice chat to adventure lovers. 

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