MindsDB, an open-source company that applies machine learning to databases, was named Forbes’s AI 50 list. Forbes’ AI 50 is a list of private, U.S.-based businesses that impact artificial intelligence. By taking explainable machine learning to the source of the data, MindsDB reduces the complexity of machine learning workflows.

Jorge Torres, MindsDB’s co-founder, and CEO is honored to be named to Forbes’ AI 50 list as one of the industry’s leading innovators. Torres believes that by accelerating machine learning development speed, lowering costs, and enhancing model accuracy insight, they will help future AI innovators.

For three consecutive years, Forbes teamed up with venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Meritech Capital to find the most promising companies using machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision. Companies had to be privately owned and not incubated at, partially financed by, or purchased by large tech, manufacturing, or industrial firms to be considered.

Andrew NG, Forbes AI 50 judge and the founder of Google Brain, has discovered that the secret to unlocking the value of a company is to start helping businesses efficiently get the data they need to feed into an open-source model.

With MindsDB’s open-source platform, ML models can be easily defined and built using AutoML, then deployed at scale with AI Tables. MindsDB helps businesses improve prediction capabilities while reducing the expense and sophistication of model collection, training iteration, and testing by automating model training and deploying workflows by leveraging data directly at the data layer. AI Tables enable database users to get forecasts in the form of simple tables, allowing them to reveal the value of their existing data with simple queries.

These developments support MindsDB’s emphasis on integrations with the company’s current development databases and business intelligence resources. MindsDB can carry machine learning tools to the data source, no matter what industry they are in, thanks to a more vital database link and integrations with BI tools.

Adam Carrigan, the co-founder of MindsDB, finds it an honor to be among some of the AI industry’s true titans. He looks forward to further democratizing AI through AI Tables so that more companies and individuals will profit from this transformative technology.

About MindsDB

MindsDB enables everyone to ask predictive questions of their data and obtain correct responses using the power of machine learning.  Adam Carrigan (COO) and Jorge Torres (CEO) founded MindsDB in 2017 and have received over $5.2 million in seed funding from the University of California, Berkeley SkyDeck fund, OpenOcean, and MySQL and MariaDB co-founders.

For more information on MindsDB, visit https://mindsdb.com

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