Oceus Networks is pleased to welcome Paul McQuillan to the Oceus Networks team to acknowledge the company’s rapid growth. Paul will head Oceus Networks’ Business Development, Sales Operations, and Market Communications in his new capacity as Chief Growth and Strategy Officer.

Paul, who is already a strategic advisor to the Battle Investment Group, which acquired Oceus Networks in 2020, has a lengthy history of accelerating the growth of the firms he manages.

Paul is a seasoned executive with a track record of delivering tech-enabled services and technology solutions for multinational firms in highly competitive sectors for more than 30 years.

Paul has worked in various capacities throughout his career, including as a strategist for new market growth, thought leadership on technology and solutions, and collaboration on empowering and supporting operational support resources.

Jeff Harman, President of Oceus Networks, will be Paul’s boss. He said that Paul has the experience they need to grow their business and will be an excellent addition to their management team. Brad Antle, Executive Chairman of Oceus Networks, added that they are pleased to have Paul join the team, as he has all of the critical traits to accelerate their growth.

Oceus Networks will invest more in technology as part of its expansion to develop security and resiliency in 5G and plans for 6G for DoD and Commercial Private Networks.

About Oceus Networks

The objective at Oceus Networks is to allow their clients to safely interact from anywhere at any time. Their team of ex-military and telecommunications experts works to solve the specific communication and data difficulties that arise in various commercial private networks, combat tactical, austere, and emergency response settings.

In mission-critical operations, they create, integrate, and configure technology to access fast, dependable internet connectivity. Large-scale private cellular networks can be set up quickly and efficiently in areas where communications infrastructure is damaged or non-existent.

For more information, visit https://www.oceusnetworks.com/

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