The Multiplier Platform will officially introduce the MXX tokens on 29 September 2020. MXX tokens are designed with algorithmic interest rates and yields to balance the cash flow of depositors and lenders. They are based on guarantees and loans on the Multiplier cryptocurrency platform. MXX tokens will start at 0 with a total supply of 9 billion tokens, which can only be accumulated by minting. Generally, liquidity mining occurs when a returning farmer places new tokens on the platform in return for liquidity. This creates a positive loop by encouraging users to carry out transactions on the platform using minted tokens, which in turn increases the value of the same token and attracts more users.

Token and Community Governance

Up to 18 million MXX tokens will be issued daily and distributed to users in proportion through loans, borrowing and referrals. BTC, USDT and USDC are currently accepted currencies on the platform. With MXX tokens, the protocol will gradually become fully governed by the community. The number of votes is proportional and can be used to make protocol decisions based on the number of MXX tokens. The step towards democratic governance will protect investor interests, increase systemic risk and increase the long-term value of the Multiplier guidelines. An easy-to-use multiplier platform designed to target holders seeking to leverage their idle cryptocurrency assets as well as attract experienced yield farmers are looking for more ways to maximize their harvest.

 About Multiplier

The Multiplier crypto lender started in 2019 with regulated financial licenses (SRO Switzerland VQF 10075 and Hong Kong Money Lenders License 1702/2019) and developed strong partnerships with reputed industries, including Coinbase Custody and JUMIO KYC/AML. DeFi protocols were developed by Multiplier with user feedback from its centralized lending company since 2019. The MXX governance tokens provide community voting rights, which gradually make the protocol entirely governed by the community and stakeholders.

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