My Office Apps, Inc. (MOA), a pioneer in tech applications for business improvement that simplify organizational procedures, announced the launch of KechieTM 2021.This ground-breaking business tool builds on three decades of software design and development. KechieTM  2021  is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, a cloud-based solution providing easy access to business-critical information in real-time.

The organization has set the Software as a Service (SaaS) bar high by offering revolutionary functionality to make small-to-medium sized production, distribution, and non-profit operations more profitable and efficient, while increasing productivity and effectiveness. The thirty years of business solutions, with the use of one or more of its software packages, Ketchie emerged as an established leader in business transformation software: inventory and warehouse management (including CRM, distribution, procurement, and logistics), development, finance, or a wholly designed ERP system to include all available modules.

Advance Features available in Ketchie App

Generate Purchase Requisition: Display all requests/requisitions for company acquisitions and set up an approval process to approve the request. You may convert the request to a purchase order until accepted.

Generate Return note for Vendor: Organize all returns to suppliers and track them. Quickly return products for repair, replacement, or credit to vendors and distributors via the latest RTV Module.

Generate Flexible and Configurable Document Formats: Organize and prioritize work orders using the Ketchie Shop Floor Calendar in the work centre. Specify working days and holidays, identify job shifts, and for each given day assign labour resources.

Generate Customer Portal: To allow online ordering and fulfilment details, customers can now set up a B2B web portal for their clients. The portal provides for the defined listing of goods and allows for real-time availability of inventory.

Generate fast sales order: Enter several line items and bulk orders, with the new list view format even faster.

Monitor Weight Function: Provides the capacity to order and invoice two or more measurement units (such as quantity and weight).

Mariam Komeili, MOA co-founder and CEO, remarked that My Office Apps acknowledges the problems faced by our customers in 2020. It is the goal to help turn those difficulties into possibilities. In cooperation with the clients, designing new features means utilizing the system in the most optimum way to optimize their growth potential.

They are proud to be versatile and attentive to customer needs in a way that surpasses other ERP suppliers significantly. The era of cloud technology is now, and in 2021, with the Ketchie App, they would continue their pledge to help small to medium-sized businesses enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Their objective is to provide the clients with the road to greater productivity and eventually greater profitability.

About My Apps Inc

My Office Apps, Inc. (MOA) is a pioneer in tech applications for business improvement to simplify it. MOA delivers KechieTM, a ground-breaking business instrument, building on three decades of software design and development. With a streamlined user interface and the latest in cloud technology, Ketchie is an Enterprise Resource Planning Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. Without the costly price tag, it is simple and easy to introduce. It is sold in different packages that include all the available modules: inventory and warehouse management (CRM, Distribution, Procurement, Logistics included), production, finance, or a wholly designed ERP system. Ketchie is efficiently designed to meet the rising company’s flexible needs.

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