The leading provider of business unified cloud communications solutions, net2phone has unveiled its Zoho Integration. The integration enables sales teams and other Zoho users to easily use the global communication features of net2phone in the Zoho environment.

net2phone users can use the Zoho platform: 

1. For calls by clicking the net2phone application. In the lead, call logs appear automatically to ensure that tasks are properly monitored.

2. To make data-driven decisions via net2phone and Zoho accurate reporting.

3. Use the Zoho Note feature on call to take notes. These notes are attached to the record while the sales cycle is moving.

4. Schedule follow-up actions based on automated rules, including email notifications, tasks, field updates and more.

Jonah Fink, President of net2phone, said that, Zoho integration of net2phone is a game changer for Zoho users. The integration significantly improves the performance and agility of sales teams and other users who can communicate quickly and easily with people through automated functions. He also added that, it is improving the way companies communicate, and thus it’s an exciting time for net2phone and their business customers.

net2phone integration is also available in the U.S., Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The unified communications cloud for net2phone offers unlimited global calls to more than 40 target countries, live chat, call recording, webRTC, mobile apps, and much more, including advanced analysis management.

About net2phone

net2phone cloud business communications solutions help companies around the world succeed in smarter conversations. net2phone is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation, a payment and telecommunications service provider.

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