Netigate, a Global feedback company that offers complete solutions besides actionable insights for customer and employee feedback, has announced the appointment of Anna Ferreira Gomes as the new Chief Revenue Officer. Anna is the Ex-CRO at Datscha and has a joint Netigate in Stockholm to contribute to its continued international expansion. 

Anna has 14 years of Software as a Service (SaaS) experience and helped lead companies during their growth phase globally and in Sweden. Lately, she was employed by Datscha, a prominent Nordic SaaS company. Anna was a key player in Datscha’s path to ‘PropTech’ leadership and its sale in December 2019.

Tom Nyman, Netigate’s Chairman of the Board, stated that Netigate is preparing for the future. Anna will perform a significant role in the world expansion and growth of the business. The world around us is changing, and Anna will be instrumental in helping us to continue to meet their customers’ needs.

Anna expressed that she is impressed with what Netigate has achieved and looks forward to becoming part of its journey. She could see excellent potential for the business- together with a team that is already successful- to grow in existing and new markets. Anna said that they would continue to focus on product development, enhancing their offering for existing customers, and expanding internationally. 

Netigate was founded in 2005 and since then has continued to grow. The business is growing substantially across the globe today, and Anna’s appointment will speed up this and drive Netigate to the next level. 

About Netigate

Netigate offers a forum for cloud-based feedback that helps clients to gain insights into their clients and employees. Netigate operates in the functional areas of Employee Insight, Customer Experience, and Market Analysis. The user may create an employee survey with the Netigate app, collect 360-degree feedback, and much more from a customer survey. The company is the industry leader stationed in Sweden and also has prominence in the German market. Netigate has marked the right business presence in Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and France. 

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