Sibedge, an internationally dispersed software engineering firm, has improved its Team Extension service to make it easier for outsourced employees to integrate through complex people management. Upgraded service eliminates the onboarding issue that many IT professionals face when adding external engineers to their in-house teams during market crises. With the Team Extension service, specialists may augment their team capacity with outsourced team leaders, developers, analysts, and QA engineers, allowing them to focus entirely on project management while Sibedge handles newcomer integration and onboarding.

Sibedge’s Team Extension service combines staff augmentation capabilities with the company’s expertise in talent supply, team onboarding, people management, and project scalability. When outsourcing, the organization adds four components to help teams meet project demands.

1. Integration backed up with risk-sharing

A Sibedge team leader is in charge of a well-coordinated team integration approach. Sibedge will swiftly provide a replacement and will pay the developer for the hours spent if the engineer’s integration fails after two weeks.

2. Access to corporate and external educational resources

When an in-house staff is supported by external experts, it may be difficult to obtain industry insight fast, especially when the issue is complex, such as medicine or energy. Sibedge has implemented a new practice to expedite the integration process. To quickly bridge the knowledge gap, the on-site Centre of Professional Competencies now recommends training courses to engineers who lack understanding of specific sectors.

3. Productized expertise of the team leader

This expert researches the client’s business and solutions and gathers knowledge. According to Sibedge’s own research, an A-player team leader has industry-specific knowledge that can help minimize new employee onboarding effort by up to 30%.

4. Employee health index

It represents each role’s eNPS and engagement level. Sibedge has included it to the collection of quarterly KPIs that the organization monitors. Previously, project management and customer satisfaction were the primary concerns. Instead, the health index is used to evaluate workplace satisfaction, team performance, and progress toward goals.

According to a McKinsey & Company report, both the technology and the market are being disrupted, according to Oleg Aleutdinov, Deputy Director General for Service Development. It’s worth noting that disruption is linked to execution, not just the underlying technology. Sibedge recognises the necessity of delivering more complicated services and raising their standards to worldwide benchmarks in the service market.

About Sibedge 

Sibedge is a company that specialises in the creation of business automation and digital transformation products and solutions. It is a multinational software engineering firm that focuses on business transformation and prioritises people. It helps companies achieve a smooth digital transformation by combining new technological vision with their business objectives. It has successfully conducted 350+ projects in 27 countries over the last 15 years. They have offices in the United States, Australia, and Russia.

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