HUB Security reported on 7th May that it has received a $5 million Series A investment support by AXA Ventures, along with OurCrowd headquartered in Jerusalem. AXA Ventures is a universal technology venture capital firm looking to finance entrepreneurs with innovative ideas. They operate in London, Paris, San Fransico and New York.

Hub Security offers military-grade cybersecurity tools for fintech, cloud, blockchain, and data storage. The combination of hardware and software solutions by HUB Security includes ultra-safe internal signing and authorization flows with a multi-signature vault, hardware firewall and an AI-learning system created to foresee unique cyber-attacks.

The investment would support to strengthen the Hub Security team, extend their technologies and deliver differentiated offerings to fintech firms, concentrating on offering access to credit, corporate banking solutions, cross-border payments, and efficient and secure banking solutions. There is an immense demand for cybersecurity resolutions that can fight hacking and other threats.

Eyal Moshe, CEO of Hub Security explained how the round of funding will help them continue their mission of providing military-grade level cybersecurity solutions to top cloud, finance and digital asset management providers. Hub Security’s progressive growth and delivery of its hardware and software components guarantees the highest level of security throughout the entire product’s lifecycle; something that’s critical now more than ever in the era of COVID-19. He went on to say that, they do not take the trust they have gained from their investors for granted, especially in the current financial environment.

Eyal claimed Hub Security’s miniHSM as the primitive alternative to a pocket-sized HSM solution. It alleged to provide an ultra-secure HSM-to-HSM communication layer built specially for cloud, banking, healthcare, and government enterprises with expandable, air-tight security that can support any cloud-based or digital asset. Moreover, he explained how this is in sharp variation to HSMs relying on legacy architecture, where you have to connect your source via PCIe — and depend on the operating system (OS) to deliver the data to your application. HUB Security approach gives very high bandwidth, as well as low latency.

General Partner and Labs/02 Managing Partner at OurCrowd, Moshe Raines was looking for a ‘software-defined HSM’ platform company in Israel for almost a year and he was very pleased when he met Hub Security and learned about their unique offering. They immediately agreed to partner and invest.

About AXA Ventures

AXA Venture Partners (AVP) is a venture capital fund investing in high-growth, technology-enabled companies. It is a venture capital fund investing in high-growth technology-enabled companies in enterprise software, consumer tech, fintech, and digital health, as well as other relevant technologies.

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About Hub Security

Hub Security’s is a top-tier, military-grade HSM provider and key Fintech, Cloud and Blockchain Security management solutions. Using these military-grade cybersecurity tactics and cutting-edge innovations, HUB Security has developed a product family that delivers the highest level of company security.

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