onetool, a Y Combinator-backed startup to consolidate all 30k+ SaaS apps into a single app-store for business software so organizations could manage all of their Software in one place, has stated that they will become an NFT.

onetool Founder and CEO Gordi Braun stated that they are the first startup to turn a failing business into collectible art because business is half art and half science. He added that they didn’t make it, but they discovered that along the way that they had built a beautiful work of art: a product that isn’t working but has persuaded many investors to join the quest. We are now embarking on onetool’s final voyage to immortality by transforming this startup disaster into a work of art.”

This onetool NFT comes with a certificate for “the first startup ever sold as an NFT” and also access to onetool’s most “valued assets” in one piece of art:

  • Ownership Certificate of the first startup ever offered as an NFT onetool word trademark document (28 EU countries + the United States)
  • logo and logomark for onetool
  • App Store to buy SaaS, API (front-end and back-end; non-functional),Store to buy SaaS, API
  • Provisioning and Software as a Service (SaaS) Management Suite (front-end & back-end; non-functional)
  • The onetool products’ code, database, repositories, and integrations API are all explained above.
  • Documentation in its entirety
  • SEO-optimized Every month, 30 organic B2B leads arrive on the website (growing 20 percent p.M.)
  • the domain
  • Figma files for the app store and provisioning suite
  • Video pitch and Y Combinator application
  • Press releases for publications such as TechCrunch

About onetool

onetool is a platform that allows the user to manage all of the cloud apps in one place. For every app the employees use, simple 1-click user management and spend analytics are available.

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