OneWeb, a global communications enabler that delivers broadband satellite internet services to global demographics, is delighted to announce Eric Gillenwater’s onboarding as the Vice President and Business Head of Global Carrier and Enterprise, heading the Enterprise division of the Company.

Eric is responsible for liaising with distribution partners, bringing to market OneWeb’s forward-thinking, enterprise-grade networking solutions. Eric will ensure that the business market takes full advantage of the LEO network capabilities of OneWeb, which will provide clients with unparalleled speed and low latency access as early as the end of 2021.

Eric Gillenwater brings to OneWeb more than 20 years of worldwide telecommunications experience, most notably with Airtel as Airtel USA Vice President and Business Leader. Eric Gillenwater remarked that he is delighted to have joined a company with so much potential. The OneWeb approach fits exceptionally well into their partner companies’ product portfolio.

The OneWeb offering for Enterprise applications can be either the primary solution or part of a multi-technology response. He looks forward to working with the global partners to introduce the LEO technology of OneWeb to companies around the world of all sizes.

He said that many businesses are currently grossly underutilized by fiber or have limited satellite alternatives due to high cost and high latency while creating cost and customer satisfaction challenges. His priority will be to reshape this status quo and engage global partners to expand their business opportunities and increase the user experience.

OneWeb will quickly deploy business connectivity to our underserved and underserved locations and increase the capacity, availability, and performance of existing technologies to improve business customer success eventually.

About OneWeb

OneWeb is a space-powered global communications network headquartered in London, enabling governments, businesses, and communities to connect. A group of Low Earth Orbit satellites with a global network of gateway stations and a range of user terminals is being implemented to provide an affordable, fast, high-bandwidth, and low-latency communications service.

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